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Crown Regency in Cebu (Review)

Crown Regency Hotel is one of the pioneering 5-star hotel in Cebu thus I rarely see reviews online so I decided to give you a sneak peek how wonderful and exciting to stay here

What I like About Crown Regency Cebu (Pros):

  • If you’re a digital nomads like me who’s always hunting for good internet connection then you should check-in in Crown. They got Fiber Optic connection which allow you to work in your room unlike other hotels limit the connection in the lobby area only.
  • The price is very decent. The room only costs P3200 including a breakfast. Actually, this is  a sale rate from Agoda
  • If you’re adventurous person and looking for Instagrammable overlooking pictures then this is a dope place to stay. They have rides for as low as P250 ($5). Here’s the full rates



  • The room itself is too big for 2 persons and I can’t imagine myself staying there alone. I’m really coward so it’s nay for me.

It was a short yet fun vacation. Although we haven’t try going in different places, we have still able to try different adventure and I don’t think other hotels offer this. Kudos to the owner who came up with this idea.

Other place that you should visit in Cebu

There’s also a famous restaurant in Cebu called Rico’s Lechon – it’s only 30mins away from Crown Regency and 5 mins away from the airport. Actually, a lot of celebrities, Vbloggers, foreigners (you name it) drop by here before they leave in Cebu. So to satisfy our curiosity, we tried their legendary spicy “roasted pig”. Well, it was indeed delicious, the lechon is crisp, chewy and spicy. You should also try their “garlic squid balls” 😀

ricos lechon price