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I am guessing you have heard of acuity scheduling, if not Acuity is an online booking platform powered by Squarespace that allows you to accept credit cards for appointments online. Unlick other calendar tools, Acuity scheduling calendar is design to help entrepreneurs of any size to generate more leads without jumping to any third-party tools.

In this blog, I have compiled all my tutorials related to the Acuity scheduler to walk you through the step by step guide how to configure your acuity scheduling app.

Check the table of contents for easy navigation.

Table Contents:

Acuity Calendar Overview

Integrating Acuity Calendar on Third-Party Tools Like WordPress

  • Types of Acuity Calendar – coming soon
  • How to Add Calendar on WordPress? – coming soon
  • How to Customize the Appearance of your Acuity Calendar? – coming soon

Acuity Scheduling Available Integration

  • Aweber Integration – coming soon
  • Mailchimp Integration – coming soon

acuity calendar settings tutorial

acuity calendar settings tutorial

Compare Acuity, Calendly and HubSpot

  • HubsPot – FREE version is available
  • Calendly – FREE version is available
  • Acuity Scheduling – Paid Version only but available for FREE trial (no credit card required)

Integrated Payment Gateway

  • HubsPot – not Available (need to use configuration)
  • Calendly – available
  • Acuity Not – available

Build InCalendar Syncing

  • HubsPot – Available
  • Calendly – Available
  • Acuity Not – Available

Supports Coupon Code and Add-on payment on your Calendar

  • Calendly – not available
  • HubsPot – not available
  • Acuity – Available

Other Calendar Software You May be Interested In:

  • HubSpot – coming soon
  • Calendly – coming soon