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Having a WordPress website is not as easy as slicing a piece of cake. It needs ongoing valuable content and maintenance just like your car. And with over “130 trillion pages” being scanned by Google, you need to stand out and convince the search engine that you deserve the first spot.

But How?? Does it take long? Isn’t it too overwhelming to do SEO?
Well, the answer always varies on how you start your website. If you started with a huge mess then you are probably right!

One common “dos” to make Google happy is to keep everything clean, fast and relevant – that falls to onpage optimization.

Now, let’s go deeper.

What are the factors on-page optimization?

  1. Relevant Internal And External Links
  2. Zero Broken Links
  3. Evergreen Content and Well-Search Keywords
  4. Optimized Image That Leads To Faster Page Load

Honestly, those factors above are a lot! Until I found this underrated plugin called Link Whisper that almost does everything for me.

Why Link Whisper Is One Of The Best SEO Plugin For WordPress?

— video soon —

Insert Relevant Internal And External Links To Create Strong Relevancy

Link Whisper AI technology allow you to look for a keyword opportunity that you can use for linking relevant pages internally and externally [see the video minutes for reference]

You can also set specific keywords and link to your sales pages automatically – I can’t stress enough how this technology can save your hours linking relevant pages.

Fix Broken Links To Avoid Bounce Rate

According to Wordstream, Broken links restrict the flow of link equity throughout your site, which impacts rankings negatively. You can use Google Analytics to search for broken links as per instructions on Wordstream articles. But unlike LinkWhisper, you can only see the internal broken links. Google Analytics cannot detect the external broken links like SSL connection error, connection failed and the list goes on.

I also love Link Whisper URL Changer! That feature is super helpful if you have old url that you want to update automatically

Evergreen Content and Well-Search Keywords

To start with evergreen content, you need to find a good topic. You can use Google keyword planner but if you want everything tied up on your WordPress then taking advantage of Link Whisper “target keywords” feature is something you should consider.

Optimized Image That Leads To Faster Page Load

One of the best approach to have a lightspeed website is to use next-gen format like webp. Tools like Smush can be an answer for that and you can also host your images to CDN to have faster result.