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I know it can be hard to keep up with all the SEO tools out there, but Link Whisper tool has been a total game changer for me. It is specifically designed to find internal and external links on your site so that you have an easier time optimizing them.

Onpage Optimization Discussion Guide 

What Makes Link Whisper As Best SEO Plugin For WordPress?

The best part about using their Link Whisper is that you get notified straight away if any potential problems are found in relation to these two types of links which saves tons of time because fixing those issues right off the bat might just boost your rankings again before long.

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P.S: Although this is an affiliate link. I only write products/service that I personally use. 

What Other Mind-Blowing Features That Can Expedite Your On-Page SEO Process

Real-Time Report System For Scanning Broken Links, Internal & External Links
  • Pros: Unlike Google Webmaster Tools, you can run a real time to report for both broken links.
  • Cons: if you don’t have anything in your website yet, like it’s a fresh website then you cannot really use this potentially  but it’s a good start for you to see what are the household chores need to be done. This tool is really great if you have an existing website especially if you have a lot of blog and content onto your website.
Automate Your Internal And External linking
  • Pros: Managing External And Internal Links Has Never Been Easier! It sets up as an automatic link manager for all of your content needs—no more tedious copying, scanning and pasting.  Super beneficial if you are running a ongoing blogs and podcast
  • Cons: Not beneficial if you’re not always updating your website.
Keyword Auto Linking 
  • Pros:  With Linkwhisper’s autolinking feature, all of those hours spent painstakingly copying and pasting link URLs are a thing of the past. Simply type in any word or phrase that is on your mind and we’ll do it for you-with just one click! (see the video 0:0 for reference) 
  • Cons: You need to spend extra time to remove the existing interlink.
Keyword Position Analytics 
  • Pros:  It allows you the track the CTR of your “focus keywords” and identify sweet golden pages or posts that you need to optimize more to reach more audience. Other expensive tools like Semrush offers this! It’s amazing to know that you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollar per month just to see this data!
  • Cons: You need to use external tools to find what is a winnable keyword. Link whisper doesn’t have options to see the monthly search of this specific keyword. You can use FREE external tool like Google keyword planner and Google trends.
URL Changer
  • Pros: Link Whisper has finally solved the problem of outdated links or media link clogged up on your site which result to 404 error. You can update all those pesky links with just one click!