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Facebook is the most popular social network website in the world that has billions of active users. No wonder why cybercrooks are trying to find ways to cheat facebook users and steal their passwords. But literally, hackers are not the only person interested in hacking someone’s Facebook account. In fact, a lot of average people are curious about this especially those who are into a relationship.

In this tutorial, We will satisfy your craving but keep in mind that this hacking only works if you know what’s the mobile number associated with that Facebook account.

If don’t know his/her mobile number but she has a passed login on your device then I suggest checking my other Facebook password hacking tutorial here instead. This tutorial if you shared devices regardless if it is a phone or desktop.

Grab The Unique Facebook ID Link

Visit the Facebook account that you want to hack then grab their Facebook ID link.

facebook id hacking

Forgot The Facebook Password

To have a hint what’s the mobile number associated to his/her Facebook account, log out to Facebook and click the Forgot the password > Paste the Facebook ID link > Hit the Search button

How To Hack Into Someones Facebook Account

Request A SMS Code

Before you hit the “Continue”, you need to make sure that you know the complete mobile number because we will this CloneIT!

hack someone acebook password

Download the ClONEIt to duplicate the mobile number of the Facebook user you are trying to hack!


But the most easiest way to hack into someone’s Facebook account is to use phishing and tracking software like . In order to make this work, a person should install this software to his/her account.

how to hack into someones facebook account