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One of the struggles I noticed in social media about Divi is website speed. So if you’re thinking that switching to a different page builder theme or plugin can solve your page load problem then you’re probably wrong. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with Divi because that’s pretty normal for a page builder so instead of jumping to that trap, why don’t we do some housekeeping to speed up our Divi website and maintain its healthy condition.

What You Should Avoid If You Want To Have A Lighting Speed In Divi?

1. Avoid using the Divi design tab for global styles – Divi is very well known on how easy you can style using their intuitive builder but the cons are since Divi front-end component is gulp, there are some few unnecessary classes inserted on your DOM or page. On top of that, Divi loves adding !important on their duplicate classes which ruins the order of precedence in CSS.

According to Google Speed, Inlining CSS attributes on HTML elements (e.g.,) should be avoided where possible, as this often leads to unnecessary code duplication. Further, inline CSS on HTML elements is blocked by default with Content Security Policy (CSP).

See the tutorial below

2. Storing A Lot Of Revisions Can Make Your Website Bloated – Don’t get me wrong! Revision is very important to me but your WP database serves a major factor of your Divi speed. If you want a healthy approach, you need to back off the unnecessary ones. Adding the following code below on functions.php can limit your revision or get rid of unimportant trash which result to lighter data.

define ('WP_POST_REVISION', 2 );
define ('EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS', 0 );

See the tutorial:

3. Divi Preload Key Request Issue – preload key request is often a problem on WordPress. In order to fix this, you need to determine the preload and it’s crossorigin. Below is the syntax and the tutorial

Additional Chores For Speedy Divi Website

1. Taking Advantage of CDN – With Cloudflare FREE version, you can fasten your website 2x better. This powerful content delivery network provider allows you to connect on the nearest server where your visitors reside resulting a faster page speed vs on those who haven’t use CDN.

After you verify your Cloudflare, consider setting your page rules

FYI: I will keep this article updated!